Doll Making


Thank you for being here! I’m so excited to share my journey in dollmaking with you. It’s all quite new for me and this desire to create something tangible sprung from the love I feel for my children. I wanted to gift them something special last Christmas, something from my own two hands. I quietly worked the night hours of December away and was able to slip the sweetest little handmade doll under the tree on Christmas Eve. I couldn’t have done it in time without the help of my MIL for which I am extremely grateful.

I have made my girls small dolls before, misshapen, hand stitched, a little lumpier on one side than the other and each time I presented them with my creations they were incredibly touched and instantly fell in love.

I’ve been gently pushed and encouraged along by my eldest daughter who fiercely loves everything I’ve made and who believes in my ability to create more.

So here we are starting something new, learning and making together.